The New VO Artist

The New VO Artist
I’m so confused. This feels like where I need to be but I seemingly know so little. Hey newbie!!Starting out as VO actor is hard but stepping out as your own entity… well that’s another level of trying to see through the trees. I just want to do what I love to do and that’s acting. Voice Over acting to be exact so you nailed the audition and got the gig!!! Awesome but then your VO world goes silent. You hear your work on TV at 12:30 at night!! You are filled with emotion and at that moment you are energized and ready to take it all on, the rejection and acceptance because you are a VO actor!!
There is so much information out there about becoming a freelancer in this business. I’ve taking it all in and am making it my own. I keep learning new techniques and acquiring new information along the way. I think the key is to be like a sponge, just soak it all up. A forever learner taking on the posture of humility because you never truly arrive!! You just keep growing and keep going!!!! Gather your equipment. Learn how to use it. Improve on it. Set up the home studio. Learn and improve on that. You will have victories and failures. Some will love your work and others not so much and guess what? That’s ok!!!


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