Metalogos Services

Commercial Ad-Help create demand and need for your product or service with a commercial ad. Your customer can find this in a magazine, website, TV or radio.

Animation – Bring your characters to life with a sound giving colorful and unique imagery.

Narration – Got a book perfect for audio? Choose a voice perfect for audio reading during that car ride or simply let us tell a story or sequence of event to convey spken word to your audience.

Video Games- We have a voice the gamers ear.

Phone messaging- A great option for personal use. Stay private or inconspicuous. Whatever your voice messaging needs are, we can help!

Podcast Intro-Need a ear catching intro!! Captivate your audience with perfect VO intro!
Let us create a custom VO just right for you!!!

Video Games

Commercials ( TV, Radio )

Podcast Introductions

Phone Messaging

Radio Drops

AudioBook Narration

Custom Voice Overs!